Work with us

Being the internationally managed with local expertise, with access to all local and international resources, ICH Events is confident to be the secured asset to the successes your events in Vietnam as well as in Indochina. We are proud to deliver the following core values.

  • Customized and tailor-made solutions that address your real need
  • Niche expertise and valuable experience in the field that leaves no room for error
  • A talent pool of professionals to ideate and implement innovative themes and work closely with you to ensure smooth progress
  • Resourceful, passionate, energetic and dedicated team of events
  • Creative ideas, quick response, reliable information, and high quality of service
  • A professional work attitude that helps you to achieve optimum results from your event or conference
  • Meticulous planning, creativity, attention to detail and efficient execution to ascertain that your conference or seminar is well within your budget and timeline
  • A repository of knowledge and contacts in the industry that help you pick competent service providers
  • Transparent processes and pricing, and contracted rate with service providers to work out cost-effective Vienam events and conferences.

Please contact us and let us know your plan for the next Vietnam Events, we will come up with the complete proposal including creative ideas, suitable program, budget plan and excution program for your perusal.