Vietnam incentives

For highly-affordable Vietnam Incentives program that bring unanticipated rewards and exceed all expectations, ICH Events Vietnam can be trusted to attend to all details from preparation to execution. Our fully-equipped events team is capable of tightly managing any kind of company/staff excursion including teambuilding in Vietnam as well as in Indochina, incorporating the best aspects of tourism and teambuilding while ensuring that your team has access to all the conveniences of the office.

We liaise with you directly to ensure that all aspects of the company’s journey are anticipated and catered for, with special attention to ensuring that your corporate objectives are met.

ICH Events Vietnam presents manifold options for your Vietnam Incentives program that will provide your team with strong incentives, international experience, and give them something to remember that will positively reflect on their loyalty and job satisfaction.

ICH Events Vietnam strives without rest to meet the demands of business for both regular and high-class company outings and teambuilding. We lay out all the details for your outings according to your tailored requirements to make sure that they are entirely as anticipated – being productive, businesslike, inspirational, great entertainment, and kept strictly to budget.

Please contact us and let us know your plan for the next company outings, we will come up with the complete proposal including travel program, budget plan and excution program follow up for your perusal.