Theme and gala dinner

When it’s time for your company to shine,  ICH Events can provide all the spectacle you need to set yourselves  apart from your competitors. From joyous intimate functions to glorious  fun-filled shows, your gala dinner events and themed parties will sparkle against the  gorgeous backdrop of Indochina. Demonstrate your successes to your customers  and staff, and confirm your high standing in your own industry.

Our events management team can tailor any  kind of gala or celebration event to your needs. We make bright suggestions,  work on costing, and see to all the details on your behalf to spare your  valuable time, as well as to give you confidence in the success of your quiet –  or grand – occasion.

Throughout  your event, we choose the perfect décor, venue, programme, F&B  arrangements, and transportation so that the impact on your guests and colleagues  is at a maximum. We believe in the value of pure expertise for all our events, and  with our years of experience in handling corporate gala dinners and parties, we  have achieved maximum flexibility, ideas, options and that most needed sense of  perfection.

Please contact us and let us know your plan for the plan of your gala dinner event, we will come up with the complete proposal including creative ideas, theming, entertainment recommendation, udget plan and excution program… for your consideration.